Events We Served in the Kansas City, MO Metro Area

Military wedding with Bride and Groom walking through the arch of swords

Bride with RosemaryMartini
Bridal party toast
Champagne bottles set up for each table at wedding reception
Bride and groom toast
Bride and groom champagne glasses
Justin performing a bartending trick
Champagne glass with downtown Kansas City in background
Top Shelf bartenders mixing drinks
Top Shelf bartenders set up at event
Guest drink selection at wedding reception
Top Shelf bartender preparing a signature drink
Justin bartending another event
Mixed drink set up at event
Top Shelf bartenders serving a casual event
Top Shelf Bartending Alcohol selection at an event
Top Shelf Bartender pouring wine at wedding reception

Groomsmen flasks for a drink before wedding

christmas drinks

kc top shelf best in kc winner

kc top shelf wedding vendor choice awards